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Best service and quality work around South, FL. Honest Company, Benny has always help with all my truck needs. Will recommend 100%.
Dale Hebert
Customer Review
These people are truly good and honest. I'm a mechanic and have several mechanics that work for a company we own, so we do nearly 99% of all the maintenance on our vehicles. Well, my wife took an extended trip and heard some noise that concerned her when she stepped on her brakes. She called me and I reassured her that we would simply replace the brakes when she returned however she wanted to get the brakes replaced before returning home to be safe. So, she went to Benny's and told the techs that she was concerned and wanted the brakes replaced. They inspected the vehicle and agreed with me that our mechanics could do the brake job upon her returning home HOWEVER while inspecting the brakes the tech noticed her heater core leaking coolant and stopped her car from overheating if she would have tried to drive it home. They did a simple bypass and didn't even charge her!! They could have easily recommended the brakes be replaced or even the entire heating system be replaced costing thousands of dollars but instead did the honest thing and sent her on her way. I'd recommend them to anyone who needs work done and I certainly will be returning if I need ANY repairs in the future. Thanks a lot, guys!! Signed: Dale from Key West.
Your car data owned by manufacturers now

Newer Vehicles Generate as Much As 25GB of Data/Hour according to McKinsey.  Now That is Extremely Interesting!  It is also daunting as we now need to know "what data" right?  You also want to know where it is going if anywhere and who owns the data?  All interesting questions that we never thought about.  Just get in and drive, choose a destination and if a light goes off in the dash you call us here at Benny's Truck & Auto Repair to schedule an appointment.   We want our Florida City drivers to be informed as always and able to make their choices based on having facts.  This is a big change in the automotive-truck service industry and it really has not hit the news at all, so it is up to us to get you up-to-date and informed.  Here are the facts and where you can find more information!

ford vehicle

If you own a Ford vehicle you may be affected by this recall. According to CBS News, Ford recently announced a recall that affects over 1.3 million vehicles that are primarily located in North America. The recall was issued mainly due to problems with rear suspension and transmission control software.

Dan Baker
Customer Review
It was unbelievable how AWESOME the crew is here at Benny's I was broke down from out of town and the owner stopped what he was doing to quickly diagnose and repair my F250. I was back on the road in an hour. Simply the BEST service I have ever had!!!!! Highly recommend this shop for anything you need. Thank you again!! Thank you, Dan Snap on Equipment Grey 2006 F250 6.0 Diesel. 

Happy Flag Day, from your favorite mechanics at Benny's Truck & Auto Repair in Homestead!

Happy Presidents Day! While today actually commemorates George Washington’s birthday, it’s as good a time as any to acknowledge the work of all U.S. presidents, past and present. No matter your political affiliation, join us in thanking all of our past presidents for their service as Commander in Chief. If you have the day off school or work, enjoy the long weekend, and to everyone else, we hope you enjoy the holiday anyway! Happy Presidents Day, from your friends at Benny's Truck & Auto Repair in Homestead.

We have had many customers who needed a transmissions they could depend on over the years when they had issues and now we have the solution here at Benny's Truck & Auto Repair in Homestead thanks to JASPER Engines & Transmissions!  Just announced is the addition of their Chrysler 65RFE-66RFE remanufactured transmission for the 2012 through current model year for:  Dodge Durango - Jeep Grand Cherokee - RAM 1500, 2500, & 3500 trucks!  Backed by a 3 Year | 100,000 Mile Nationwide Parts & Labor Warranty which is one of the many reasons we recommend them. 

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